Useful Links

Research groups and organisations

The School of Earth Sciences – At the University of Bristol, with undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses as well internationally excellent research across a broad range of research themes.

Bristol Isotope Group – An interdepartmental collective at the University of Bristol that uses isotope measurements to investigate natural processes.

The Cabot Institute – A cross-disciplinary research institute conducting world-leading research on the challenges arising from how we live with, depend on and affect our planet.

Bristol Research Initiative for the Dynamic Global Environment – A multi-disciplinary research initiative that aims to  improve the understanding of natural climate and environmental variability and to use this knowledge to predict future changes more accurately and assess its impact on all aspects of human society.

Coral Reef Research At Bristol  – An multi-disciplinary research group that focuses on understanding coral reef ecosystems from biological, geological, chemical and geographical points of view.

Personal blogs and social media

The School of Earth Sciences on Facebook

ICY-LAB on Facebook

TROPICS cruise on Facebook

Dr Kate Hendry’s Blog

Dr Sally Wood’s website (detailing her work on ocean dispersion modelling)