Unless we regain our historic awe of the deep ocean, it will be plundered

Understanding a Changing West Antarctic Peninsula

Underwater expedition ties together physical, chemical and biological impacts of melting ice sheets

Read about our research expedition to Greenland and the Labrador Sea.


Video highlights from the ICY-LAB expedition:

Floes, leads and CTD’s: The state of the ice at 83°N

Recent Bristol Geology graduate Adam Cooper provides a glimpse of research, everyday life and dealings with polar bears during his time as part of the Norwegian Young Sea Ice Cruise.

Polar bear inspecting our survey line - by markus Kayser
Source: http://cabot-institute.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/floes-leads-and-ctds-state-of-ice-at-83.html Credit: Markus Kayser

Glass Delusions

Combining sponges made of silica with art. In collaboration with the Grant Museum of Zoology, UCL, and artist Eleanor Morgan.

TROPICS cruise videos

TEDx talk: Hidden reefs of the deep sea:

‘Science at sea’, an overview of the sampling processes and aims during the TROPICS 2013 cruise:

The TROPICS cruise sets sail: